Join me for an unforgettable relaxed and intimate evening gathering of like-minded people in MY HOME in Mallorca where you will savour a delicious organic and seasonal plant-based dinner cooked by me.

I can't wait to meet you! 



* Images of the gathering by Katta Tubio



(space is very limited!)


3rd COSY GATHERING - 21st JULY 2018




For this gathering I've reached out to Sylvia of Cacao Ceremony Mallorca to join forces and create a magical intimate evening of heart exploration through the healing medicine of pure ceremonial grade cacao brought directly from Peru.  Sylvia will hold space for you and guide you through the ceremony and I will prepare a delicious organic plant-based dinner designed to nourish and ground you after the healing cacao experience. 

The ceremony will take place outdoors in a sacred circle and dinner will served in the same place. You will not be sitting at the table but will enjoy dinner in the same circle as to not interrupt the dynamic and energy created during the ceremony.

We are also very lucky to collaborate with one of our favourite local artists, Jaume Roig, a talented ceramicist who's work has captured out hearts and eyes. You will be served the cacao in one of Jaume's beautiful mugs that you will be taking home with you! :)<3




Welcome drink

We will greet you with freshly made cold pressed green juice.


Cacao Ceremony

A Cacao Ceremony is an ancient practice of the indigenous people of Central and South America that invites you to connect to your inner self and your healing heart. In a sacred ritual raw cacao beans are ground and brewed into a healing drink that facilitates and enhances profound inner work.

Cacao is considered to be a healing plant for inner growth. It is a very gentle and non psychedelic supporter that allows to open the heart to reconnect to our inner wisdom and true self. Cacao helps, unlike other substances, to do the shadow work from the heart instead of the brain.


All organic and seasonal plant-based dinner

Enjoy a delicious seasonal, organic and plant-based home-cooked dinner designed specifically for this experience to nurture and ground you after the cacao ceremony. From experience, people usually feel very hungry and 'floaty' after the experience. So this dinner will be a beautiful support for you.

Expect to feel very well fed and satisfied. You definitely won't go hungry!


A handmade mug by Jaume Roig

A beautiful handmade mug made by local ceramicist Jaume Roig so you can enjoy your own cacao concoctions or hot drinks at home. :)







Tickets are available for purchase only through this website. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after purchase and a follow up email a few days before the gathering with exact location. There's no need to bring any proof of purchase on the day, your name will be enough. 



Schedule + Location


Get comfy in the peaceful and cosy atmosphere of my home; a rustic Majorcan house with beautiful natural light and high ceilings. Let yourself be immersed in the moment... 


Saturday 21st of July 2018 in the Santanyi area, approximately 45 to 60 minute drive from Palma. 

18:00 Arrival drinks

18:30-21:00  Cacao Ceremony

21:00-23:00 Let It Be Cosy dinner

* Schedule is approximate, slight changes may apply.






Tickets are non refundable so please be 100% sure that you will be able to make it on the day. If, however, you are unable to attend, tickets are transferable with 24 hours notice. 


Food AND OTHER Allergies: 

All food is organicvegan (dairy free) and gluten free. Some dishes will contain nuts.

Two cats live with me, so please bear it in mind.


No alcohol will be served or welcomed. 


- A light jumper or shawl as we will be outdoors and it may get chilly in the evening. 

- It is traditionally advised to participate in the cacao ceremony with an empty stomach. So please avoid eating for at leat 2-3 hours before your arrival. 


Image by  Katta Tubio

Image by Katta Tubio

Cooking for others has always been a passion of mine. I remember as a little girl in my bedroom playing chef and inviting my family up to my imaginary restaurant. Watching them enjoy my plasticine 'food' was one of the best feelings I could experience. When I was old enough to get involved in the kitchen I started to experiment and jot down my own recipes. I've always had a desire to cook for others, so hosting gatherings like these has been on my list of 'dream' projects for many years. I am very grateful to have the resources and perfect space to finally bring this project to life.

Cosy Gatherings is inspired by childhood memories of long dinners at home in Deia, my home town, with friends and family, jam sessions and shared laughter. I am longing to bring this beautiful online community into physical contact. This offering comes from a heartfelt desire to connect with like-minded people like you and inspire you with the abundance, healing properties and deliciousness of plant based cooking. It is also an opportunity to share my passion for supporting local farmers and organic agriculture. 

Combining food and heart-to-heart connections with body/mind/spirit practices such as meditation is a dream come true.


I really can't wait to meet you!