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  • Guide to Smoothies
  • Guide to Yoghurts
  • Guide to Juicing
  • Guide to Dressings
  • Guide to Cold Soups
  • Guide to Spreads
  • Guide to Nut Milk
  • Guide to Ice Cream


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  • 8 beautifully designed guides that will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen whilst nurturing your body from the inside out.  
  • Practical easy to follow guides organised in chapters with tips on food combination, correct flavour balancing, must-have kitchen staples, pantry essentials and much more. 
  • Each guide contains 4 exclusive simple and easy to follow delicious plant based recipes (corresponding to the specific topic of each guide) made with all natural whole food ingredients; free from refined flours, gluten and refined sugars -- all recipes have beautiful photos that go along side them. 





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  • You love cooking and find joy in eating delicious food made with love.
  • You are health conscious, you buy organic and whole foods at the market but feel overwhelmed with it all and don't know where to begin and what to cook with it all.


Let It Be Cosy - Guide To Juicing
"I love your blog, specially your guides. The internet is saturated with blogs and Instagram accounts, which, as much as they can be inspiring, they also sometimes overwhelm us with too much information and too many ideas. Your monthly guides are, to me, especially useful and practical". - Carlota