The aim of these Monthly Cosy Letters is to help you make positive active changes in your lifestyle through inspiration and practical information about plant-based foods. Every month I send an exclusive and exciting Cosy Letter where I share insights of my personal journey to health and plant-based cooking with you, things I've been loving and personal recommendations + my guides to plant-based cooking,  in which I regularly pack practical information and resources + recipes on a certain plant-based cooking topic in a downloadable pdf for you to save onto your computer and use as many times as you wish. 

I have included an example of the NEW AUGUST free 'Guide to Juicing' that you will receive after signing up, so you can get a feel of what to expect.

Let It Be Cosy - Guide To Juicing
"I love your blog, specially your guides. The internet is saturated with blogs and Instagram accounts, which, as much as they can be inspiring, they also sometimes overwhelm us with too much information and too many ideas. Your monthly guides are, to me, especially useful and practical". - Carlota