If you like what I do and want to collaborate with me in a freelance capacity, I am very happy to work with you on the following: 


  • Editorial Food Photography

  • Visual Content for Social Media

  • Recipe Development


Food photography and recipe development are my passion, what fuels my creativity and feeds my soul. 

I get excited about creating images and delicious recipes. Everything from going to the farmers' markets, to cooking, tasting, tweaking ingredients and working with natural light and beautiful props. 

If you want me to create inspiring images to go alongside a food or lifestyle article, cookbook, visual content for your website or Social media or even develop healthy and delicious plant-based recipes for your business, I would absolutely love to help!

Hop over to my contact page to get in touch! 

    If you like what you see on Let It Be Cosy and you are interested in us working together, take a look at my portfolio where you can find a selection of my current photography work!